Project description

Cover StreetLyrics»StreetLyrics« is a trilingual photo art / poetry book.

This art book is deliberately different from existing published photo books or poetry collections. It is in this composition, to my knowledge, the first of its kind. Together with Heike Winter I have selected over 60 photographs from my "manhole-cover-project". German designs are facing Scottish designs, alternating and corresponding with each other.

Meaning and purpose: In our increasing superficial times, the shown photo-art in conjunction with matching poetry helps to create an understanding for depth.

For the depth that I'm highlighting in my manhole cover photographs and for the depth of language in general, and thus for the desire and poetics, which is both the Germans and the Scottish-Gaelic culture based on and still shaped by.

The German poetry comes from Heike Winter, who felt inspired by the photographs. Magz Macleod from the Isle of Lewis did a great job on the English poetry and responsible for the Gaelic poetry part we acquired the well-known singer and songwriter Gillebride Mac IlleMhaoil.
The foreword was written by Michael Klevenhaus, founder of the Scottish Gaelic Institute in Bonn and lecturer at the University of Skye.

The book is 24 x 30 cm of size and now available for 60 $ / 45 € / 35 £ including free shipping to Europe, Canada and the USA. Please order by email.